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Matches an element based on it's W3C language code.

  :lang(de), :lang(fr) {
      font-style: italic;
      border-bottom: 2pt solid violet;
  • Good Day
  • Bonne journée
  • Schönen Tag

      <li lang="en">Good Day</li>
      <li lang="fr">Bonne journée</li>
      <li lang="de">Schönen Tag</li>


Matches an element whose id is the same the current URL fragment.

  :target {
      border: 2pt solid blue;

Note the URL fragment in the browser address bar. #target-example

  <a href="#target-example">Click to target this entry</a>


Introduces a not clause into the selector.

  li:not(.enabled) {
      color: gray;
  • Home
  • About
  • Contact

      <li class="enabled">Home</li>
      <li class="enabled">About</li>

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