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Relative Lengths


  • % A proportion of the parent element.

Font relative

  • em Font size of the current element.
  • rem Font size of the root element.
  • ex Font x-letter-height of the current element.
  • ch Font width of the zero (0) character.

Viewport relative

  • vw 1% of the viewport's width.
  • vh 1% of the viewport's height.
  • vmin 1% of the viewport's smaller axis (width or height).
  • vmax 1% of the viewport's larger axis (width or height).

Absolute Lengths


  • cm Centimeter (10mm).
  • mm Millimeter.
  • Q Quarter millimeter.


  • in Inch (72 points in an inch, 6 picas in an inch).
  • pc Pica (12 points in a pica).
  • pt Point.


  • px Pixel (a CSS pixel).

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